Big Dating Myths ..... And Surprising Truths

Recent research has been proving some conventional courting wisdom to be totally bogus. When it comes to getting guys, we break down what works and what's old school.

MYTH: When you're prepping to go out on the prowl, put on a barely there outfit — men like women who show lots and lots of skin.
TRUTH: A new study published in the journal Behaviour found that, to reel in the boys, the ideal amount of flesh you should reveal is 40 percent. A crop top and mini crosses the line from seductive to skanky.

MYTH: If you're into a guy, make the first move on him.
TRUTH: Smile at him, but then wait for him to come to you. A Northwestern University study discovered that the person who does the approaching usually ends up falling harder.

MYTH: While chatting him up on a date, focus on your shared interests.
TRUTH: Discussing stuff you have in common will make you feel connected. However, it's also key to talk about interesting personal experiences and hobbies that are different from his. According to experts, being exposed to new and exciting things increases the chemical dopamine in our bodies, and that in turn builds interest and passion.

MYTH: Eat a low-calorie meal like veggies and salad when out with a guy in order to show that you're attractive and take good care of yourself.
TRUTH: Despite a recent study from McMaster University in Canada that found women tend to do just that, most guys actually go for chicks who will eat a real meal in front of them, says Scott Kudia, author of If This Is Love, Why Am I Unhappy? Not that you should stuff your face, but men want to be with someone who will be herself around him. Nibbling at rabbit food reads as phony and guarded.

MYTH: The first thing that grabs guys' attention is your eyes.
TRUTH: In a Cosmo and poll, 62 percent of guys notice a hot body. Only 27 percent are lured in by seductive eyes.

MYTH: It's a good idea to "friend" a guy you're dating, so that you can get to know each other better and feel closer.
TRUTH: A study published in CyberPsychology and Behavior found that being Facebook friends with the person you're seeing increases relationship jealousy (ahem, like by clicking through pics of each other with your respective exes). It also leads to a sense of over familiarity that can doom a relationship, particularly in the early stages.

MYTH: Don't talk about yourself too much on a date or you'll seem narcissistic. Instead, ask him plenty of questions.
TRUTH: You should absolutely show sincere interest in him. But it's equally essential to refer to yourself during conversation. Men go for women who use the word I frequently, according to a study published in Personal Relationships. Researchers surmise it's because that term indicates self-disclosure, which promotes intimacy and closeness. It also reflects your independence — a huge turn-on.

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