10 Weird Things That Turn Guys On

Justin Theroux recently confessed that Jennifer Aniston thinks it's hot when he...break dances. Naturally, that made us wonder about the random things we do that get guys riled up—besides, you know, cleavage and killer stilettos. Real dudes share the moves they find completely irresistible.

"During sex, if I’m talking or grunting too much my fiance will clamp her hand over my mouth, and it gets me even more aroused. I like that she knows what she 

wants—or doesn’t want—and has no problem letting me know." —Ty

"I love that my girlfriend hates girly drinks. She usually only sticks to vodka on the rocks, tequila, or beer. There's something really bad-girl hot about it." —Antoine S.

"Whenever I'm focused on work or just playing a video game, she just senses when I'm hungry. Suddenly, she'll appear with a snack right as I realized I'm dying for one. It's amazing!" —Ernesto G.

"It's sexy when she gets up for work, but then decides to come back to be for a while." —Justin R.

"My wife gets really into hockey games. She instantly reverts to her otherwise thick Jersey accent and screams at the TV. When we actually go to games, she totally trash-talks. It's awesome." —Jarrod M.

"I think it’s so sexy when my girlfriend goes to bed without washing her makeup totally off and wakes up with little black smudges under her eyes. It gives her this smoky, mysterious look." — Jeff

"Although it’s great when a chick takes care of herself physically, a six-pack is intimidating. A soft stomach is way more of a turn-on because it’s womanly and feminine." —Adam

"I once dated a woman who was pretty buttoned up in day-to-day life, but every once in a while she’d put on a fake tattoo for me to find or clip in hot pink hair extensions and it always drove me wild. It felt like I was going to bed with a totally different person." —Derrick

"I love when my girl first walks in the door after being at the gym. She thinks she looks gross, but I find her sweaty body and messy hair so arousing." — Anthony

"When a woman laughs during sex it’s the hottest thing ever because I know she’s having fun. No guy wants someone that is always serious and overly sensual." — Michael 

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