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2012 (It Ain’t The End) Lyrics - Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj
Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – 2012 (It Ain’t The End) Lyrics

Ohh Ohh
It’S Alright, Oh It’S Alright
You Know What They Say
Life Ain’T Always Easy And Everyday
We’Re Survivors
So Forget The Day
It’S All About Tonight At The School 
And Start A Riot A-Riot Be Rebel

Bottles Poppin Til We Can’T Stand
We Keep It Rockn Til 6 Am
New York To London Over To Japan
Turn It Up .. Turn It Up.. Mash It Up
We Gonna Party Like

Party Like It’S The End Of The World
We Gonna Party Like, Like It’S 2012
You Know That It Doesn’T Matter
 As Long As We’Ve Got Each Other
Turn It Up.. Turn It Up .. Mash It Up
It Ain’T The End Of The World
Gonna Live Like It’S The End Of The World
Gonna Party Like
Turn It Up… Turn It Up… Mash It Up
It Ain’T The End Of The World

[Nicki Minaj]
Similes, Metaphors - So We Pop Pills
Sick Flow, Indicated With The Dark Bills
Work Hard, Now We Know How The Top Feels
In The Middle Of The Street Doing Cart-Wheels
Lotta Them Try To Do It But It’S Not Real
Listen To Rap, But Then I Coulda Got A Pop Deal
White Girls In The Hot Pink Hot Wheels
Lotta Bottles And A Lotta Fruity Cocktails (Uh)
Days Of Our Lives, You Wink It Goes By
So We’Ll Just Get It, With No Edison
Anything Goes On, No Time For Closed Minds
And Free My Lil’ Weezy, And Let’S Just Get Right!
Young Money – Cash Money In The Buildin
Let’S Go To War – Ends Tonight

[Jay Sean]
Have A Drink With Me
And Lets Make Tonight Go Down
In History.. In History Yeahh
Lets Make Believe
Its The Last 24 Hours And This Whole World Is Ours
Eternally, Eternally


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