Lil Wayne - Sasaraf Lyrics

Lil Wayne - Sasaraf Lyrics
Sasaraf Lyrics - Lil Wayne

Bit*h Better Have My Money
Dont Test Me, Motherfu*ker I Study

And Wifey Keep Telling Me The Pills Gon Kill Me
Fu*king Up My Sperm Count And She Want Children
Back On My Bullsh*t, Im Back On My Bullsh*t
Imma Dead Man Walking, Follow My Footprints
If You Scared Go To Church, Ill Shoot At The Porch Pit
My Girl Pussy Sweeter Than A Watchamacallit
I Aint Worried 'Bout Them, I Say Hi Hater

I Throw You Off The Top Of A Scyscraber
5 Boro, We Go Booze Off
And I Rather Be Po' Before A Po-Po
Dont Come Down Here..If You Aint From Down Here
Fu*k Around And Get Stucked Like Gum Down Here
And That Vest Wont Help..Cuz Im Aimin At Your Scalp
And All My Underwear Say Ralph

Man All I Do Is Skate & Smoke & Rap & F8ck
Skate & Smoke & Rap...2x
Now Let Me See You

I Gotcha Bit*h
Di*k Whipped, Di*k Whipped, Di*k Whipped, 

I Gotta Call And Nigga Its My Sweeeeeetie
5 Go's And Her Mouth Spell Weezy
Bit*h Monkey On The Di*k
And I Aint No Magician So I Never Love A Trick
Man Light Up That Swisher
Punch Him In The Kisser
Kidnap His Mom And Fuck Her Like Stiflers
Tatted Everywhere, Man These Hoes Love A Nigga
Glock With The Magazine Do ...
You Want The Cover Nigga,..

Im In That Trukfit
Im In That Pussy And I Beat ..
It Like A Drumstick
Talk Stupid And I Put You On A Milk Carton
Or I Just Shoot You In The Back, ..
Handicap Parking Yeah
My Gun Pao Like Gasol
If You Dont Want Beef Milk The Cow, Cowboy
And Tell Them Snitches, Im Rap Poison ..
Pu*sy Motherfu*ker

Man All I Do Is Skate & Smoke & Rap & Fu*k
Skate & Smoke & Rap....2x
Now Let Me See You
Kick-Flip, Kick-Flip, Kick-Flip, 

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