Lil Wayne - Goulish Lyrics

Lil Wayne - Goulish (Pusha T Diss) Lyrics
Lil Wayne - Goulish (Pusha T Diss) Lyrics

Fu*k Pusha T And Anybody That Love Him
His Head Up His Ass, I’Mma Have To Head-Butt Him

Gut Him, Lil Tunechi Shit, Weak Stomach
It’S Me, Lt, Like When You Heat Butter
Old Pussy In A Can, Red Is The Flag

Fuck With Me Wrong I’Ll Put ...
Your Head In Your Hands
There’D Be Blood Everywhere, ..
I Got Bloods Everywhere
I’Mma Alien, I Hope You ..
Ain’T The Prince Of Bel Air
That’S Real Nigga Talk, These Niggas Speechless
Cut Off His Arm And Leg Like ..
I Charge For My Features

Hammer On My Side Like..
 I Work In Construction
Your Bitch Hit That Head..
 So Hard We Get Concussions
Niggas Can’T See Me, Not Even A Glimpse
Too Many Banana Clips, ..
I Feel Like Chimps
South Beach Bitch And I Tan Line Stupid
You Could Find Me On Collins Like Bootsy
I Ain’T On No Fuck Shit, ..
I Be On That Truk Fit

Your Girl Do Tongue Tricks ..
And You Sweeter Than One Six
All I Ever See Is Ben Franklin Face
I Chase The Bank, I Don’T Bank With Chase
You Fuckin’ With Some Niggas ..
That’Ll Murk Y’All
Nigga You Softer Than ..
A Motherfu*kin’ Nerf Ball
Bird Call, Brr, What ..
Happened To That Boy?
He Was Talkin’ Shit, We Put..
 A Clap Into That Boy

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