Counting Money Burning Dope
Shout Out My Uncle Juice

Uh Uh, My Nigga Jerz
Uh Uh Should We Do It Like The Shit
That All Niggas We’Re Doing Man
Uh Uh Screw Rap
Uh Fly Nigga With A 9 Hundred Dollar 
Scar No F*Cking Reason
F*Ck You Yeah.....

Speed Into That Money V Tweezy No Roof Own It
See Me In That Red Cule To Coop On Me
Tell My..To Hola You Know You That Yelling Ball Gangs
Switching Up My Style You Know Niggas For Years

A Long Change Suffer Friends ...
You Don’T Speak My Top ..
The Flag On The Left Side ...
I Know You See The ..
Some Ghetto Niggas With Some 40′S Out
You Niggas Am I Wanna ...
Do It We Got Outies Out
Taylor Gang Yeah You Know...
 My Niggas Party Hard
Got Your Bitches Chitty Out And They Say ..
All Hands From The Hood Say That’S A Cool ..
I Guess They See My Jewels ...
When I Ride Back

Champagne Sipping With Your ...
Bitch She Know What’S Up
So Tell Them Niggas We Don’T Give A F*Ck
Now We Get Enough Money So ...
It’S Kind Of Hard Not To Know The Size
Know The Size, Know The Size..
Now Paper Straight Now Ain’T They ...
Fall Enough, Fall Enough..
Yeah Uh

40 Seconds Floor View From The Roof
20 Dollars Uncle Skin White ...
The Shoes On The Coop
I Got Base In My Trunk And...
 I Ain’T Talking Kickers
Just Came From The Connect ...
I’M A Young Wild Nigga
Back On The ..Have 5 Point ..Balling Ball

This Is Way Back In I Ain’T ...
Even Know What Y’All..
A Couple Niggas From My Hood ...
Say You Don’T Even Grow
You Ever Seen My .. RickyBadBoy.Com .Get A Boat
A Couple Niggas Out Get A ..They Already Know
If I Wanna Rif Like Baby I Can Make It Snow
Do It, Do It Anywhere That You Wanna Blow
What It’S My City I Can Take ....
You Where You Wanna Go


In Due Time Niggas Will Understand
Some Difference Between Us And Them
I Don’T Think It Needs An Explanation Of
’Cause In Due Time These ...
Niggas Will Understand Of

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