9 Ways to Impress Your Man

It's not easy to think of ways to make your boyfriend feel special (flowers just aren't going to cut it). But a recent study from Florida State University found it's crucial to let him know you care in order keep your bond solid. Go with these gestures—they'll let him know just how lucky you feel to be his girl.

Fix Him Dinner in Your Sexiest Bottoms
Not only will he dig the meal you've put together for him, he won't be able to take his eyes off your butt as you bend down to open the oven and reach for ingredients in the back of the fridge.

Draw Him a Steamy Bath
The next time he's super stressed, fill the tub with hot water and offer to hop in and massage his tense muscles. Skip the candles and bubbles—they're not dude-friendly—but set up some of his favorite slow jams to help him chill.

Say "Thanks"
A recent study found that acknowledging small acts of generosity strengthens your relationship. Reason enough to tell him you appreciate his fixing your PC, replacing lightbulbs, killing spiders, and all the other tasks guys take on for us.

Initiate a Surprise Smooch
Next time you're sitting together close—say you're catching a rerun of The Office or he's showing you a funny viral video—plant one on his cheek or forehead. An unexpected kiss will make him feel so desired and so close to you.

Pack His Lunch
Send him off to work with a brown bag containing his favorite sandwich, snack, and dessert. Add a sweet (or naughty) note for him to discover when he takes his lunch break, and he'll feel like a king.

Stock His Kitchen
Before a big game, fill his fridge and pantry with beer, soda, microwavable pizza, and other man-friendly grub he can easily grab when he's glued to the screen.

Give Him Man-Time
Bro-bonding time is ridiculously important to guys, and not coming off as controlling or clingy whenver he wants to meet up with them will impress the hell out of him...and maybe make him want to cut the night short to come back to you.

Make a Spotify Playlist
Compile all his favorite tunes on one go-to playlist, incorporating some 90s hits you know were on constant repeat during his high school days. It'll show him you that you get his taste...including his goofy nostalgic love for Mmmbop.

Plan a Cool Outing
Skip the dinner and a movie thing and surprise him with an adernaline-pumping date, like a visit to a rock-climbing gym or amusement park. Guys love being active, and the rush he'll get will make him feel super close to you.

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