Nicki Minaj - Hov Lane Lyrics
Hov Lane Nicki Minaj - Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Holy Mollie G Copped Me A Rollie
I Ain’T Catchin’ The Puck But 

I’M Iced Out Like A Goally, Nigga

[Hook X4]
I’M In The Hov Lane
I’M In The Hov Lane
(And You Nigga, Y-You-You, You? Soul Train)

[Verse 2]
I Traveled More Than You Walkin’ With A Basketball
I’M Out In Spain Runnin’ Games With The El Matador
I’M In My Own Lane, You Ain’T In My Category
You Like A Raft 4, I’M Like The El Ventilador
Perks And Bags, Man, I Murk Them Ads
When I Be Up On Reloaded, I’Mma Hurt Them Bad
Every Shoot Is Hot, When I’M Out, I’M Spotted
They Gone Frame The Receipt If I Sign The Dotted
N-Niggas On Banshees Is Speedin’, 
Dirt Bikes Are Out For The Season

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