MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: One Direction

We think it's about time you lift that rock that you're living under and take a couple minutes to get to know British-Irish boy band/international sensation One Direction. Comprising Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (collect 'em all!), these five singers were a product of the seventh season of the "The X Factor U.K." But instead of trying to gain Simon Cowell's approval, these dudes have moved on
to bigger and better things -- like breaking records with their debut album, Up All Night, the fastest-selling debut album on the U.K. album charts in 2011. The album's hit single "What Makes You Beautiful" garnered the boys the coveted Best British Single statue at the 2012 Brit Awards, and none of these guys can even rent a car in the States yet. Yeah, WE KNOW. We sat down with the five guys to discuss their impending superstardom and what the ride to the top has been like so far. We even have a couple live and acoustic performances for you to drool over. (Sorry you can't tape videos to your Trapper Keeper.) As for what everyone wants to know -- what One Direction thinks of Simon Cowell -- the boys kept it very diplomatic: "[Simon Cowell] basically told us that he wanted us to be the group that we wanted to be... right down to our styling to the sound of our music... It needs to be authentic." Great advice, Simon. The dudes also said that they still go to him for "queries," which is the adorable English way of saying "questions."

+ One Direction on their music being released in the United States.
+ One Direction on playing New York City's Radio City Music Hall
+ One Direction on Simon Cowell

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