The Secrets Happy Couples Know

You know that twosome that always seems so freaking in love and psyched to be together? You could choose to be annoyed at their smug perfection or you could steal a page from their playbook and join them in their relationship bliss. We got 20 real women to spill how to do the latter...

"Do chores together like washing the dishes and walking the dog." —Christina

"Never have secrets and don't go to bed angry." —Cassandra

"My guy is on the road a lot so we are apart for long periods of time. So every morning when I am getting read for work, I send him a racy picture." —Alaina

"Always be affectionate...and share the same goals in life." —Emma

"Let your partner know when you're thinking of them." —Leah

"Say 'I love you' every chance you get!" —Diana

"Take time out for yourself." —Lacey

"Have a lot of amazing sex!" —Sandra

"Keep each other laughing. That's key." —London

"Be straightforward and don't play games. Example: 'I had a crappy day and just wanna cuddle and watch a movie with you tonight' not 'Oh, you're going out with your friends again?" —Blair

"Let your man have a little bit of freedom. Ixnay on the jealousy." —Heather

"Never stay mad at each other. My husband and I argue and get mad, but we're over it in 10 minutes." —Kathy

"Take interest in each other's hobbies." —Casie

"Don't be afraid to be silly together." —Christine

"There's a fine line between being comfortable and taking each other for granted. Always be aware of what side you're on." —Amy

"Don't listen to the opinions of other people (who aren't in the relationship)." —Stephanie

"The three Cs: compromise, communication, and cuddling! If something seems to be wrong, it's usually because one of these things is missing." —Kim

"Laugh, cook, and watch sports together." —Cierra

"Date nights are key. The dates don't have to be expensive. Just take a walk together or make dinner at home." —Emily

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