10 Sexy, Fun First Date Ideas He'll Love

Staring at each other across the table stiffly at a restaurant is so old-school. Instead, next time a new guy asks you out, propose one of these romantic yet guy-friendly date ideas:

Catch a matinee showing of 21 Jump Street. It's silly enough to get a laugh out of almost anyone, and avoids veering into awkward romcom territory.

Slum it at a dive bar and challenge him to a game of darts or pool. Wow him by wearing cool-chick springtime gear: Converses and a sexy tank.

Rent bikes and explore a new neighborhood or park on wheels. Guys love being active, and he’ll dig that you’re the kind of girl who isn’t afraid to work up a sweat.

Pick up a basketball and challenge each other to a game of hoops at your local playground. Shooting three-pointers gives him a chance to show off a little.

Meet for lattes in the morning. Get up early before work one weekday and hit up your favorite coffee place. The jolt of caffeine will keep the convo sharp and funny.

Have a picnic in the park. Bring a loaf of fresh bread and a hunk of cheese, slap ‘em together for sandwiches, and let nature inspire a romantic connection.

Head somewhere a little forbidden or adventurous, like a sick roof or a scenic overlook. Excitement pumps your adrenaline and boosts your odds of bonding.

Rent a paddleboat or rowboat at a nearby lake in the afternoon. If you get tired, let yourselves drift for a bit as you watch the sunset.

Go for fruity margaritas at an outdoor bar. Take your pitcher to the back patio and watch the sun go down—the lights and sky are magical this time of year.

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