5 Ways To Propose Your Sweetheart

“I Love You”...These Holy Words Are Perhaps The Most Delicate To Utter. It Is Not Only Because You Are Going To Get Hold Of The Immense Courage To Propose Your Beloved But Also Because This Purest Moment Of Proposing Should Be Kept As An Lifetime Experience That You And Your Sweetheart Will Cherish Ever After. 

Proposing In Style And Etiquette Dates Back To The Classical Age. We Remember Romeo And Juliet, Cinderella And Her Prince
Charming, The Scenes Of Pretty Woman, Gone With The Wind, When Harry Met Sally, Runaway Bride And Loads And Loads Other Love Stories. So It Has Become Almost A Challenge For You To Make This Day An Unforgettable Ones. There Are Few Tips To Propose To Your Sweetheart In A Way He Or She Has Dream About It.

1.Do Not Hesitate. Have Full Confidence. Girls Do Not Like Childish Activities And Foolish Behaviors Speciallyif You Want Not To Get Rejected Then Be Brave And Say Soon Before It Is Too Late. Do Not Stammer. In Times Of Serious Conversation.

2. To The Extreme: 
If Your Woman Is The Sporty Type, You Can Propose To Her From The Heights Of A Mountain After A Day Of Rock Climbing. Other Possibilities Would Be During A Parachute Jump Or A Scuba-Diving Session In South America, Or Anywhere Else For That Matter. But The Reaction Of The Action Will Be Overturned If She Is In A Bad Mood And In This Case There Is A Chance Of Long Term Separation.

3. Try To Know Her Mind As Clear As Possible. Ask Yourself Whether She Will Like A Cinderella's Story Or A Very Natural Gesture. At Times Girls Like Simple Things. While Walking Along One Can Propose As Beautifully As Possible. Besides One Can Propose Standing On Knees And Holding Up Hands And Announcing Extravagantly. Try To Know Which Of These She Will Really Like.

4. Sometimes People Simply Like The Traditional Ways Of Gifting A Diamond Ring, Putting It In The Glass Or The Cup From Which She Is Drinking Liquor. Many A Times, These Typical Strands Work Better Than Anythings. She Will Remember It For Ever If She Really Like Classical Mode Of Etiquette. Red Roses In Accompaniment With The Nice Overtone Of Violin May Be A Good Idea In These Cases. 

5. The Most General Way Is Writing A Love Letter With Beautiful Hand Writing And Add Perfume With It. So That When She Will Be Reading It The Fragrance Will Help Her To Remember You More Strongly. Believe It Or Not, Till Date Most Of The Love Proposals Are Being Send Either Using A Love Greeting Card With Eternal Love Quotes And Awesome Handwriting Or Through A Love Letter.

The Rest Is Up To The Almighty And Your Lady Love. If She Rejects You After Attempting All Five Of These, Then Do Not Worry. Either She Will Propose You Herself Or This Is Not A Good Time For You. Because She Is Not Made For You.

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