Miley Cyrus - So Long Farewell Bette Bob Lyrics

Miley Cyrus - So Long Farewell Bette Bob Lyrics
So Long Farewell Bette Bob Lyrics - Miley Cyrus 

So long farewell bette bop every 
things will never be the same without you
being around with us but our memories 
and hearts will never fade away from
your family forever until we will always 
meet again some day in heaven

The howling of the dogs are coming to 
taylorsville to the shock the town
with country music off their feet to go back 
on the memories of bette bop
together;wherever she goes.

Wherever she goes the people of utah will 
always remember her from their
hearts until her family will meet again someday 
but they will never fade
away from each over forever.
Here comes grandma bette bop rockning 
around with her family at christmas
time when they are together to bring happines 
to each other;with the
christmas party downtown of taylorsville,
utah on the streets tonight so her
family could put up christmas lights on the roof 
top so santa claus could
goes down bette bob's cheminey on christmas eve;
then on christmas morning
all bette bob shall open up santa's gifts
 every year together with family.

Bette Bob will always be remember from 
her family of Idaho & Utah until
they meet again some day & her love to
 them will never fade away after she
goes back to heaven and wait for them 
across the vails of eternal life.

Chours:Do the hoedown with thorowdown zizags 
across the floor when utah country gals come 
out tonight to say one last farewell to bette 
blob until we meet again some day with 
another song will never fade away from her heart forever.

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