Jon Connor - You Don't Know Lyrics

You Don't Know Lyrics - Jon Connor
Jon Connor - You Don't Know Lyrics

My Though Process Probably Too Much To Process
Toxic When I Spit That Hot Shit They Gossip
When You Hear Me Drop Shit, Problem Is ...
And John To Bring The... In All Of This Non Sense
Streets ... My Knowledge Is A Master Degree In College
Ah, I Seen Them Drop Out, Every Punch Line Is A Knock Out
My Bars Are Raised To Dare, 
My Next Show I'ma Bring Biggy And Pac Out
The Flow Which ... Rappers Up, 
Like When Men Come Bring That Sock Out
And I Don't Give A Fuck, Running 
A Cops House With The Cock Out
Around Here We Letting The Hoes 
Fight And Be Hoping The Titties Pop Out
I'm A Savage, My Throne Is In 
The Kingdom Of The Madness
The People Is Drawn To Me,
Can You Imagine A Magnet The Size Of A Skyscraper
I Be Killing Every Verse, Drive Them Off In A Hearse
Now They Close To The Mama Nature
I Bet Your Mama Hate You, Son Of A Bitch
Spitting Dope Is Numb In My Lips
While The People Loving My Shit
...Told Me Put Out Of Here, 
It's Like He Put Out Of Here
Dumping Clips From Killing Emcees 
Every Since I Ain't Never Missed
Look, More Please, I Think I Gotta Convince
That I Spit A Rap Out, Then They Tap Out
Watch Me Make Them Submit
My Bars Is Hard As Fuck, 
It's Like They Made Of Cement
Niggas Fall Off This Cars And Broads Is Enough 
To Make Them Content
Well Not Me, I Need A Monopoly On 
The Game That It Had Me Shopping, In Paris
Where The Paparazzi Watch Me, Watch Me
Like The Lookout, Before You Rappers Get Took Out
They Can't Read Me, They Waiting For Me To Put A Book Out
I Eat Peas, I'm Inviting You To The Cookout
I'm From Where Every Niggas Will Grill You Here Kill You
On The Road To Success And The Bullshit's In My Rear View
The Flow Is God Given And You Listening To A Miracle
The Reason I Dominate Is Cause I Don't Find Time To Hate
To The Niggas That Do They Need To Hide They Face And Hibernate
This A Warning To Anybody Who Still Snoring
I'm The Worst Nightmare That Will Still Be 
There In The Morning, Connor.

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